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Enso was a class project to create a digital platform that represents the peer-learning philosophy at the Centre for Digital Media. We developed an online collaborative tool that provided a space for dialogue around the MDM (Master of Digital Media) process and a way to curate the resulting discourse. The tool included a dynamic user-sourced lexicon, an event posting and notification system, and an integrated discussion board.


Our cohort was tasked with finding a solution that addressed the core competencies recognized in the program. Splitting up into groups, we each came up with and formally pitched our proposals. Three of the proposals were selected to be combined into a single product, to be designed and prototyped in the next 6 weeks.


The cohort, comprising of 38 people, was then left to organize ourselves and manage designing and developing the project. The large group was split into departments (e.g. UX, Visual Design, Development) and later into multi-skilled teams around individual features. A management group was elected to manage the organization and communication between teams.


I worked with the senior UX Designer and UX Lead and provided assistance to the various designers of the individual departments. I was placed in the Lexicon feature team which consisted of a content producer, graphic designer, and programmer, and project manager. As the UX Designer I created personas and user stories to show how potential users would navigate through the lexicon section of our site. Every week, I presented new wireframe iterations to the other departments, as well as provided feedback to the other designers.


In the completion of our minimum viable product, we initiated a Beta Test.  I helped develop the testing methods of the test and worked with the Beta Test team to ensure we were all clear on the testing procedures. We invited almost 100 people to participate in this event. By the end of the test, I helped translate the user tests results into conclusive statements about our product.

A User Story detailing some pain points and their solutions

A User Flow Chart showing how a user could use the Glossary section of the site

Wireframe showing the Glossary feature navigation

Hi-Res Mockup of the Lexicon(Glossary) navigation feature

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Web Design and Content © 2017 Jessie Altura