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Heroes 2 Go _Working Title

Mobile Game Development and UI Design


Heroes2Go is a codename given to a mobile game design project. The mobile game is primarily inspired by Japanese RPG and Rogue-Like games, and incorporates microtransactions and character recruitments. The game development officially began in early 2016 after a major pivot from a previous game design. I came in halfway through the project and immediately started structuring the UI framework while still learning about the company culture and the game itself. On top of my role as UX/UI Designer, I introduced Scrum into the workflow in order to streamline our production. Scrum is a project management tool designed to keep teams focused on important user-centred features, and is usually accompanied by a Sprint Board to visually keep track of progress. Since the introduction, the development has accelerated and we expect to release a beta by Summer of 2017.

A User Flowchart for Character Recruitment and Customization. Just one of many flowcharts detailing many of the game's features.

Early Wireframes for the Character Customization Screen. Here you can change the armour set and weapons for your Character, as well as change his special skills. This screen also allows you to look at all your collection of heroes.

A completed mockup of the Character Customization Screen. Building of from the User flow and wireframes I created the art and design of the final UI.

Below are more examples of UI Design for the game. Like the above, each one started as User flowcharts detailing Tasks needed to accommodate both the game design and the user journey. I then took the flowcharts and created a series of wireframes in Adobe XD, which is regularly presented to the stakeholder for approvals. Below sets of images are the final look of the UI.

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Web Design and Content © 2017 Jessie Altura