UX Research
Workshop Facilitation
Usability Testing
Technical Writing
Design Systems
UI Design
Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Motion Graphics
Agile Process
Client Management
Startup Development

Club Unity
Summer 2022 - Present
Big Shield Studios
Banff Centre for the Arts & Creativity
Centre for Digital Media

Alberta University of the Arts
BFA, Media Arts + Digital Technologies, '08-'12
University of British Columbia
Master of Digital Media, '13-'15
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Certificate, Applied UX Design, Spring '22
+1(403) 400-7973

Hi! I'm Jessie, an expert jack of all trades passionate about human-centred design.
After exploring various interests - Artist, UX Design, Motion Graphic Design, and Photography - I seek opportunities to solve problems that drive company growth by understanding the human experience.
I have three years of startup experience, which started during my foray at the Centre for Digital Media, a graduate program centred around teaching innovation in technology. Since then, I've led the development of a mobile game's UX design while leading the agile process at a startup.
I'm dependable, eager to learn and create, and a great communicator and listener in teamwork. 

A thoughtful artist/designer/content creator who delves into the intersection of psychology, cognitive science, and mysticism.
I became interested in these topics when I started meditating in 2018 and discovered that the world is more mysterious than expected. An insight I found in my quest is the non-dual view of consciousness. Modern minds find this concept challenging as they seek a scientific understanding of the cosmos. And yet, quantum physics is contending with the observer effect problem, stating that the conscious mind can directly affect reality. To put it simply, which came first, consciousness or matter? 
This problem has guided how I design affordances like apps, systems, and SaaS products. I've learned the symbolic significance of turning chaotic potential into habitable order, an act we all do moment to moment but can't apprehend. In UX Design, knowing how to turn the unknown (chaos) into a product (order) is crucial. Design thinking is the drawn-out process of how our mind works.
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