A designer focusing on crafting solutions to our perennial problems.

I'm a UX/UI Designer with skills in Design Systems, Workshop Facilitation, and User Research. A solid team player, I can work succinctly and collaboratively in fast-paced environments.

Stemming from a desire to bring awareness to spiritual practices, Limbinal is an initiative to reveal our fundamental connection to spirituality using social media marketing, art, design, and stories.
Club Unity
2020 saw a massive spike in golf bookings, and most clubs could not handle the demand simply because they needed the technology to take on the number of bookings. Club Unity, a startup based in Calgary, saw this as an opportunity to develop a cloud-based tee-time booking system that could efficiently handle online golf bookings.
Tee Sheet Manager
After developing the Club Unity booking application, they created the Tee Sheet Manager to organize, manage, and assess tee time bookings. Whether players call to book their tee time or use the Club Unity app, golf staff can confidently handle all bookings through the Tee Sheet Manager. My role in this project is to create the design systems and implement new User Interface designs that elevate the system's look, feel, and experience.
A UX redesign of Famoso's dedicated restaurant application. I used UX processes - research, ideation facilitation, prototyping, and usability testing - to create a comprehensive design.
Considered a bleeding-edge project at the time of conception, we developed an application that utilized Google Glass to tell interactive, location-sensitive stories.
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